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Program And Activities

Major activities previously done from the project

The organization has conducted dental campaign with the assistance of Australian medical practitioner Dr. John Niwingram in May 17-31, 2012 by doing registration in Nepal Dental Council (NDC). Wherein 168 persons directly received services.

Doctor and nurse treating injured patients

In March 2005 A.D., including national and foreign medical practitioners and representatives of donor agency has conducted extensive health campaign. In which, child disease (balroog), nerve and orthopedic, female and maternal health services were provided.

After Completion of Construction work

Incinerator after completion of construction

Environment Cleaning: Toilets in the two schools were constructed in Solukumbu V.D.C 4 and 5 with so as to control the open defection and for developing the infrastructure in the project area and making the healthy environment. Similarly, for managing the wastages coming out from the household of local level, wastage disposal (incinerator) was extended in the close places where it is easy to access. Despite this, incinerator was extended close to Chuyong Community Monastery, Taksing V.D.C, Fungmuche Secondary School and Selo Monastery. The objective of constructing the toilets and incinerator is to protect the environment and preserve beauty of this area.

Certificate Distrubution Function of Training Program

In August 24-29, 2010 A.D., the Kusudebu Public Health Mission, Nepal, conducted training to 24 male & female in relation to primary health for 5 days on including 14 subject’ matters.

Activities conducted by the project

1. Free health services and medical distribution

Patients at medical center

Patients taking treatment

Patients being carried to medical center on "Doko"

According to the objectives of moving hand-to-hand in the development activities of prosperous nation by generating healthy and capable human resources and providing reasonable health facilities to the habitants of local community of rural and remote area in the disitrict of the Solukhumbu; so far approximately 22,000 patients have received free health treatment and medicine from the initial phase of the organization, out of which 12 patients were given health services per day, which is equivalent to 360 per months and annually amounting to 4,320 patients. According to the treatment and investigation of the patients of the said area, so far different persons having different diseases were served. For instances, Trauma, Anthelia, Asidpedic, Air, Esperetary, Infection, Diaorriha, Tonsil, Nimonia and coughs.

Patients record which is kept at the medical center and KPHMN is planning to keep record of every patients

2. Facility of Medical Lab

Medical lab at medical center

According to necessity, blood test facility was provided to the patient coming in the hospital. For this, 60% discount was given to the patient. Likewise, free blood test facility was given to those patient, who is below 16 years old and patient who is more than 60 years old, according to recommendation from the hospital administration. So far 653 patients were benefited by such services.

3. X-ray and ECG facility

X-Ray Machine at medical center

According to necessity, X-ray and ECG facilities are given to the patient coming in this hospital. It has given 60% discount in amount, to the patient taking service of X-ray and ECG, according to their necessity. Likewise, according to recommendation of the hospital administration, free X-ray and ECG facilities are given to those patients who are less than 16 years or more than 60 years. So far 621 and 325 have, accordingly received the X-ray and ECG facilities.

4. Construction of Toilet and Bathroom

Toilet and Bathroom Cunstruction being carried out at site

Construction of toilet and bathroom is taking place in ladies hostel of Shree Junbesi Higher Secondary School situated at Beni V.D.C. Ward No 4, in the district of Solukhumbu.

After Completion of Construction work

5. Construction of Incinerator is taking place within the area of the hospital

Incinerator at Chiwang Monastery after completion of construction

Incinerator at Takshindu Monastery After Construction

Incinerator at Phongmoche Monastery after construction

6. Facility of Birthing Center

The organization in its new program has initiated to construct separate three beds in hospital for those expectancy women who come for seeking maternity facilities and a space for the person who is looking after such woman. ANM who is working on behalf of the project, in the hospital, is provided two month long maternity training from the Eastern Regional Office in Dhankuta, from recommendation of District Hospital of Solukhumbu, for providing the maternity facilities to the expectancy women.

7. Emergency Services facility

Patient being carried for two days to get treatment in Medical Center

Patient for emergency treatment at Medical Center

The organization is providing 24 hours emergency, free health services and found to be providing 60% discount in the amount of the medicine supplied.(photos of patients carrying)

Patient being treated Doctor and Nurse

8. Produce of Capable Health Practitioners by the Organization

The organization has provided scholarship in health related subjects like lab technology, radiology and nursing, to the poor and capable (intelligent) students inhabiting in that area.

Neeru Rai Scholarship holder for PCL (Medical Lab Technology)

Nirmala Kafle Scholarship holder for PCL (Radiography)

9. Tourism promotion and cleaning environment

It is observed that the organization has been conducting the Environment-Cleaning Program, with a view to support financially to the locals cleaning and protecting the natural in heritages property and beauty of the Himalayas and helping in promoting the tourism in that areas.

Nurses taking part in plantation program in surrounding areas of the Medical center

10. Health Campaign and Door-to-Door Health Program

The organization has conducted the health campaign with the intention of providing health services to the large numbers of patients at once, inviting the foreign and local Doctors, Nurses and Health Practitioners in the related field, by broadcasting the health related information through the local media about the conduct of health campaign and door to door program. The organization is providing door-to-door health service to the elderly, handicapped, incapable persons, expectant women and special kind of patients because of inconvenience and lack of transportation facilities.

11. Free Health Service and Distribution of Medicine by the Organization

The organization has been providing free health services to the different communities of rural and remote area of Himalayan regions including Tibetan refugees.

12. Health Services Provided by Experts

According to the objectives of the organization, it has provided appropriate health treatment services/facilities, through proficient experts, identifying the diseases of the disadvantaged group or community residing in the Himalayan sector.

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