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News and Events

Group Photo

Members of Norway Junbesi Group (NJG), includ ng Thore, Anne, Per and Atle, had visited Health Center of Kushudebu Public Health Mission Nepal last October. The group were welcomed by the committee member and staff of KPHMN.

During Welcome Program

The group visited the Health center and also had trekked different areas around The Mt. Everest region. The visit was managed Keep Walking Nepal. Norway Junbesi Group is supporting Medical Center since last two years.

During Welcome Program

KPHMN family would like to thank all your support and believes to have continuous support and suggestion from Norway Junbesi Group.

During Welcome Program

During Welcome Program

Doctor John Niven with Nepalese dentist Dr Jangbu Sherpa held a very successful dental camp in Junbesi. They were enthusiastically assisted by the staff of KPHM, Tshering Dolma, Niru Rai, and Binda Magar plus our guide Lakpa Sherpa and Nima.

Also with us was our friend Marion Andrew and our grand daughter Molly. Their contribution made for the success of the camp.

During Camp

Our continuing priority has been to examine and treat the local school children, and with the full cooperation of all the schools, 260 children from Junbesi, Tumbuk, Phamuche and Serlo schools/monasteries attended the clinic.

It was very satisfying to find that our efforts of previous years have led to a significant improvement of the dental health of these children in particular the teenage children. 80 children did not require treatment and no permeant molars required removal.This means that children leaving school at the end of year 10 are dentally fit, and much improved oral hygiene and are more aware of the importance of dental health.

During Camp

Primary school children are still a concern, their deciduous dentition having extensive dental caries from too many sweets/lollies, poor oral hygiene and a lack of interest from parents. We concentrated on restoring permanent teeth present, preventive measures(fissure sealing) on permanent teeth, simple palliative treatments on carious deciduous teeth, and extraction of deciduous teeth where necessary( abscesses, pain).

During Camp

In addition to the school children 69 nuns attended from Thupten Choling Monastery and 104 adults from the village and the surrounding district including quite a few from more distant areas.

  • Patients: 431
  • Fillings: 284
  • Fissure Seals: 76
  • Scaling/Perio: 54
  • Misc. Treatment*: 22
  • Extractions: 80
  • No Treatment**: 137

* Includes Root canal and x-rays
** Includes a few nuns who refused treatment offered.

During Camp

Equipment: A dental operating light was brought from Australia and installed. One of the portable dental units (Silver Box) has been damaged, 2 of the hose switches need attention. There are 2 surgical suction units in store, one has a burnt out motor, the other a seized pump, it should be possible to make one working unit from these two units.

We would like to thank all those people with out whose cooperation, assistance and hospitality this dental camp would not have been possible.

Dr John G Niven BDS(Lon)
Helen Niven

Group Photo

Group Photo

A three days health Camp from 29thOct to 31st Oct 2017 was organized by Kushudebu Public Health Mission Nepal (KPHMN) at Junbesi, health post targeting local population and surrounding village of Solukhumbu. The camp was supported by WIN, Adelaide, Australia.

During Camp

The six member of medical team Dr. Prem Lal Shrestha orthopedic Surgeon, Dr. Denis Shrestha Cardiologist Physician, Dr. Monica Gurung Gynecologist, Dr. Sushma Shrestha Pediatrician, RN Tara Ramjali and RN Pema Shrestha were posted for the health services.Free doctor consultation and medicine were supplied though out the camp.

During Camp

Various procedure were held during the health camp such as knee joint aspiration with injection Depo-medrol, excision of mass under local anesthesia, excision ofganglion cyst under local anesthesia, excision of wartsunder local anesthesia and Intraarticular Depo- medrol injection, implantation of family planning (copper ‚ÄďT) etc.

During Camp

Approximately 300 people from surroundings villages and some people travel 6 to 7 hours consulted with doctors. They were advice various treatment and medicine was also supplied accordingly. Most common prognosis were degenerative changeslike osteoarthritis, arthritis, GI condition APD (Acid peptic disorder), hypertension and skin allergy.

During Camp

Health Camp was successfully performed.Mr. Chungba Chhiring Lama, President of general committee member KPHMN would like to thank WIN Adelaide, Australia for their support to run the health cap and Local doctors and Nurse Team from Advanced Poly clinic of Kathmandu and KPHMN staffs who made this camp successful.
Thank you all

During Camp

During Team

A Dental camp was organized by Kushudebu Public Health Mission Nepal with the support from Sushma Koirala Memorial Hospital for 3 days(15th March, 2017 to 17th March, 2017) at Thuptenchoeling Monastery, Solukhumbu. The Camp was visited by total 87 number of patients, where 73 fillings and 67 extractions were done along with 3 cleaning and scaling.

During Camp

KPHMN would like thank everyone for great support forwarding your helping hands. Thank you Dr. Manu, Rukmini Acharya, Osheen Lama and Lhakpa Sherpa Pinasa.

During Camp

Participants of Camp

Medical Team

Dr John Niven and Dr Trang Truong together with Australian and Nepalese assistants held a successful dental camp.

We managed to examine most of the children from Junbesi and Phungmuche schools. We were able to treat nearly all the children from Phungmuche, and a majority of the children from Junbesi who needed dental treatment. Lack of time prevented us from treating all the children.

The pleasing aspect was that the children from classes 7 - 10 showed much improved dental health, this is the result of us seeing these children for the past 5 years. We only had to extract 3 permanent molar teeth from this group, and the 2 children involved had not been seen by us before.

However the younger children are a problem, with large numbers of decayed deciduous teeth, and even decayed erupting permanent teeth. This is a result of poor oral hygiene, continual exposure to large quantities of lollies and sugary snacks, and parental indifference. This is also aggravated by the nuns of Chupten Choling who are over generous in giving out lollies and sugary snacks, even on one occasion to children awaiting dental treatment!

We also treated many villagers as well as patients who had travelled a long distance to receive dental treatment. The nuns from Chupten Choling also came in large numbers, and again we were not able treat them all.

During Camp
  • Patients examined 342
  • Patients treated 251
  • Teeth filled 402
  • Teeth fissure sealed 137
  • Scaling 23
  • Teeth extracted 150
  • Miscallaneous treatment 5
  • No treatment required or declined 58
  • Estimated children not treatment 30


  • Kushudebu should investigate the organising of an Oral Health Education plan through a Nepalese NGO into the local schools. This should be run prior to or in conjunction with our next dental camp.
  • There should be separate dental camp for the nuns of Chupten Choling.
  • As per previous dental camps we were unable to treat every patient through lack of time. Future camps should be of a longer duration.
  • I would hope that in the future the various Nepalese Government Departments would make it easier to obtain the necessary permits, visas and registrations. At the present time this proving to be a big problem in persuading overseas dentists to come to Nepal as volunteers.

-Dr. John G. Niven BDS

During Camp

President Mr. Chungba Tshering Lama presenting report

The 10th Annual General Meeting of Kushudebu Public Health Mission Nepal was completed successfully. In AGM, president Mr. Chungba Tshering Lama had presented yearly progress report as well as future plan of the medical center. Likewise Administration and Account officer Mr. Ram Kishor Chaudhary presented Annual work progress as well as financial report of fiscal year 2072/2073 B.S. (i.e. 2015/2016 A.D.).

Administration and Account officer Mr. Ram Kishor Chowdari presenting report

The Annual meeting is attended by members of KPHMN and locals.

Locals in Annual General Meeting

Locals offering Khata at Welcome cermoney

GHAWS (global health awareness Western Sydney) Trip completed successfully.

The team has arrived KTM on 28th and flew to Phaplu on 29th. This trip has been organized through Keep Walking Nepal. On the first day of program welcome ceremony has been organized by locals school, committee members and locals where group has experience some Nepali culture and offering Khada (scarf) Sherpa tradition way to well come guest by the locals and the committee members of KPHMN and visited the health center. Group has helped a lot with the incinerator with locals carpenter and KPHMN staffs. While working they also learn some Sherpa language. One day health camp has been conducted at the Thuptengcholing monastery where they help a lot with the patients who has mainly problem with orthopedic.

During construction activities

The last day of Junbesi conducted attractive health education by doing lots of activities related to health education and this health education was very effective and students has learned so much from them.

During Health camp at Thuptengcholing monastery

The farewell dinner has been organized where they had good time with locals, KPHMN committee members and staffs and at the end of the farewell dinner chairman of KPHMN Mr Chungba Lama has presented certificate of appreciation to the GHAWS.

During health education programe

After Junbesi they did trek to Lukla and the trek was very enjoyable with full of laugh and happiness.

We thank to GHAWS for continue their visit to KPHMN and there valuable support towards medical center and the community and hope that will continue for the future. KPHMN and Keep Walking Nepal like to thanks to all the locals. Commitee members of KPHMN and Keep Walking Nepal staffs who made their journey so successful.

With certificate of appreciation during farewell dinner

At last we would like to thank Mr Paul jury who help a lot to organize this trip and to Mr Liam bell president of GHAWS.

Ang Tshering Sherpa,
Advisor, Kushudebu Public Health Mission Nepal,
Chairman, Keep walking Nepal

During trek

During trek

Download report

Locals offering Khata at Welcome cermoney at Phongmoche

Due to huge earthquake shock, the people of Junbesi were mentally disturbed. The people were confused about how to rebuild their village. It was going to cost a fortune, the villagers were so depressed that they were unable to decide how to recover this disaster. At the same time in another part of the world at Wilderness school in Australia, people who love Junbesi and has attachment with Junbesi, were also worried about the village and surrounding villagers. They were planning to help the village and villager in the reconstruction work. As a result with the support from Wilderness School, today we are able to build temporary shelters with green zinc sheets and are distributed to the people. There were some difficulties and delays in relief work due to various reasons, but finally, with the support of Mr. Ang Tsering sherpa and Local Rebuild Committee the zinc sheets were distributed among the local villagers. It completed successfully our first phase of reconstruction plan.

Welcome cermoney at Phongmoche

Damage the assessments work

The people of Junbesi valley, Mopung, Pangkarma and Phungmoche became so happy and excited to know that the group of "Junbesi Rebuild Project" members including Salley Nobbs, Jane Hunter, Heather Davis and Sue were coming to visit and assess the situation. They did not leave anything behind to welcome them. Happiness and sorrow were exchanged amongst everyone. After overall assessment and meeting with the local people, rebuilding school and stupas were selected highly prioritized task.

Rebuild team from Australia Wilderness School

Similarly friends of Mr. Ang Tshring Sherpa from Norway, also visited Kushudebu Medical Center. Thanks to Per Tronsaune, Morten Andersen, Per Andresen and Ole Berg for joining with Keep Walking Nepal and giving us the opportunity to organize a trip for them. We would like to thank them for their commitment to support medical center. Also thanks to Keep Walking Nepal crew, Kushudebu local committee members, staffs and local villagers to make the trip successful. With the visit of Norwegian friends, Kushudebu Medical Center is now able to continue the health service to the local people. This visit of Norwegian Friends played very important role for Kushudebu Public Health Mission Nepal (KPHMN) and all the local people. We value your cooperation and thanks once again for making this trip when KPHMN has hard time to continue its services.

Welcome ceremony for friends from Norway at KPHMN medical center

Group photo of Norwegian and Australian friends

Welcome ceremony for friends from Norway at KPHMN medical center

Group picture with participants of Dental Camp

With support of Dr. John Graham Niven, Dr. Bulloc Lam and there team of Australia, KPHMN had organized 14 days free dental camp from 12th to 25th March 2015 at Beni Community Health Service Center. The camp was started a day late due to delayed flight in Kathmandu.

The camp served 307 patients that includes

  • Examination - 307 (152 children).
  • Treatment visit - 290.
  • No treatment-41.
  • Filling - 297.
  • Extraction - 178.
  • Scaling n cleaning - 53.
  • F/s - 113.

During Camp

During the camp, Dr. John Graham Niven and Dr. Bulloc Lam was assisted by Helen Niven, John and  KPHMN staff as well as inevitable help and support from the locals, staffs of Medical Center and Junbeshi School.

During Camp

We would like to thank all of them, who were involved in this free dental camp aiming to serve the locals from remote area, for their valuable time to complete the camp successfully and enthusiastic.

District health officer had presented appreciation to the dental team at the end of camp.

Closing ceremony

Closing ceremony

Group picture with teachers and students from Newington College Sydney, Australia

30 students from Newington College Sydney have completed their visit to Beni Community Health Service Center with leadership of their teacher Mr. Greg Pike as well as successfully completed all the pre-scheduled activities from 31st December, 2014 to 2nd January, 2015. During the visit on the first day, the teacher and students from Newington College Sydney are welcomed in the Sherpa tradition by offering special scarf "Khada" from staffs of KPHMN, members of working committee, local villagers and Monks.

During 3 days program group has visited the medical center as well as perform painting at medical center, windows and veranda of staff quarter likewise gardening work in the surrounding of the medical center. The group has also participated in different interactive, informative and educational programs with the students of Junbeshi High School. A gift from Newington school has also been presented to the head teacher Chungba Chhering Lama in the program.

Activities During visit

An Australian Doctor of the group Dr. Hugh has worked in the medical center in cooperation with the staffs and provided health services as well as valuable suggestion and advice in the treatment of different patients. As a support for the medical center Dr. Hugh also has contributed different medical equipment of cost NRs. 25,000/- (Twenty Five Thousand Nepali Rupee) to the Medical Center.

Like wish the group also have visited Thupteng Chholing Monastery where they are welcomed by honorable Monk and Nun during the visit. After the program the group has completed trek to Tengbuche Monastery.

Mr. Sherpa honoring guest with T-shirt of KPHMN

We would like to thanks all who have helped directly and indirectly to make this visit successful and also wish to have continuous help, support and cooperation from the students, teachers and parents of Newington College in the coming days.

View Gallery for more pictures

As in the past, Beni Community Health Services Center operated by Kushudebu Public Health Mission with the objective of providing health services to the locals of rural village of Solukhumbu district, is going to organize "Free Dental Camp" from 11th March, 2015 to 25th March, 2015 (2071/11/27 to 2071/12/11 B.S.). The camp is being organized with the help of Australian Doctor Dr. Johan Niven Graham. All the legal procedure for the camp are in under process.

Different dental problem will be cured and treated in the camp. During the camp it is also schedule to visit Junbesi School and organize a camp as well as conduction an informative lecture session to the students of the school. The camp will be beneficial to the local of Beni VDC and its surrounding as well as the students who will get opportunity of free checkup and useful and valuable information regarding dental health.

During the camp a staff nurse of Medical Center Ms. Osian Lama and another Australian Dr. Buuloc Lam will be assisting Dr. Johan. Beside all, there will also be direct and indirect involvement and support from all the staffs, locals, working committee and Junbesi School. We would like to wish for the success for the camp.

Detail information of the camp will be published later in the site with photo of different activities.

30 students from Newington College Sydney are going to visit Nepal from 31st December, 2014 to 2nd January 2015. During this visit, the group lead by Australian Teacher from Newington College Sydney, Mr. Greg Pike, will visit Beni Community Health Service Center as well as conduct different program in collaboration with the medical center.

During this three days visit, the group will do paint work in Beni Community Health Medical Center and staff quarter; and also conduct gardening work of the Medical Center. Likewise the group also visit Thupteng Chholing Monastery and also conduct different classes in Junbesi High School.

Likewise Kushudebu Public Health Mission Nepal also have received a donation of US $4450 from the students, teachers and parents of the college. The donated amount will be used in staffing, purchasing medicines as well as maintenance work and other currently running programs and activities.

We, the working committee of KPHMN, would like to thank all the students, teachers and parents of Newington College for their continuous help and support for the Medical Center that is established with the motive of serving the locals of rural area of Nepal and would also wish for the successful visit of Nepal and Health Center.

The details of the visit and related photo will be publish later in the site.

As per the mission of providing scholarship for higher study to the talented and deserved student of economically weak family from rural village of Nepal, Kushudebu Public Health Mission Nepal has provided scholarship to Mr. Lahakpa Sherpa son of Mr. Furwa Sherpa of Solukhumbu District, Garma V.D.C. ward number 8 for his study as Darkroom Assistant.

With this scholarship Mr. Sherpa has completed his training on Darkroom Assistant at Sahara Health Center and Meridian Polyclinic at Kathmandu. And as per the decision of the working committee of KPHMN, he has been appointed as the Darkroom Assistant at Beni Community Health Service Center. KPHMN believes that, his appointment will helpful to work with Sherpa community, as he is from same locality and can provide services in local language and it will help the patient to communicate and express their difficulties and problems.

Mr. Lahkpa Sherpa on his duity

We would like to congratulate Mr. Sherpa for being appointed as the Darkroom Assistant at the Beni Community Health Service Center and also wish success for his tenure. We believe that he will give his best to satisfy all the patients as well as fulfill his responsibility honestly and dutifully.

We believe that the Medical Center will provide more qualitative services in easy accessible and friendly environment and would like to request all the staffs, local management, working committee and all related organization to provide continuous help and suggestion so that the Medical Center will be more responsible and more services oriented in future.

The House Hold Survey campaign organized in Beni VDC ward 4 and 5 by Kushudebu Public Health Mission Nepal (KPHMN) was completed successfully. KPHMN also has planned to run the survey campaign in other VDCs. The campaign is organized with the aim of finding out the real health problem in the VDCs and provide more effective health servers to the villagers as well as to strengthening the bonding between the villagers and KPHMN.

KPHMN would like to thank all the villagers, committee member and all those who have directly or indirectly participated in the campaign to make it the success. The report of the survey of 2 VDCs are as follows,

Kushudebu Public Health Mission Nepal

Preliminary Household Survey Report

Beni-4, Solukhumbu

Description Unit Total
Total Population of Beni- 4  Person 143
Population Structure By Sex Person 143
- Male  67
- Female 76
Population Structure By Cast Person 143
- Sherpa 101
- Chhetri 4
- Sunuwar 5
- BK (Dalit)lower cast 23
- Tamang 7
- Singh (Madheshi) 3
Population Structur By Age Person 143
- Upto 2 Years 8
- 3-15 years 38
- 16-59 Years 80
- Above 60 17
Vaccination Family 34
- Yes 31
- No 3
Toillet Household 34
- Yes 31
- No 3
- Tarditional Household 16
- Modern Household 15
Building Household 34
- 1 Room 4
- 2 Rooms 3
- 2-4 Rooms 16
- Above 4 rooms 11
Floor type Household 34
- Wood Planked 33
- Cemented 1
- Earthen 0
Roof Structure Household 34
- Tin 20
- Wood 14
- Other 0
No of Windows Household 34
- 1-2 Windowss 7
- 3-4 Windowss 9
- 4-6 nos 3
- Above 6 Nos 15
No of Doors Household 34
- 1- 2 Nos 18
- 2-4  nos 3
- Above 4  Nos 13
Type of Stove Household 34
- Modern 12
- Traditional 22
- Chimney 17
- Non Chimney 17
Distance of Shade Household 34
- Near 5 mtr 27
- Near 10 mtr 2
- Far from 10 mtr 1
- Without Shade 4
Family Death History Last 5 years Person 6
- Reason HTN, TB,  Heartattack
Disposal Wastages Household 34
- Dumping Site 25
- Stream 3
- Other 6
Hand washing  Household 34
- With soap 33
- Without soap 1
- Apply all Condition 33
Brushing teeth Household 34
- Yes 33
- No 1
- Once a day 27
- Twice a day 6
Drinking water source Household 34
- Tap 34
- Stream 0
- Other 0
Boil Water Household 34
- Yes 27
- No 7
Primary Check habbit when Sickness Household 34
- Traditional 3
- HO 26
- Both 5
Habit of taking medicine Household 34
- Prescribed  29
- Non prescribed  1
- Both 4
Habit of alchohol  Household 34
- Yes  20
- No  14
- One cup  4
- Two cup 4
- More than two 12
Habit of smoking  Household 34
- Yes  4
- No 30
- If yes how much per day ?  0
-- one piece  0
-- two piece  0
-- three piece  1
-- more than three piece  3
How much cup sherpa tea drink in per day ,per person ? Household 34
- 1 cup  0
- 2 cup  5
- More than two cup 29
How many pregnancies in last five year? Person 17
- last one year 4
- last 5 year 13
How many have you been for ANC check up during pregnant  Person 17
- 1 time 1
- 2 times  2
- 3 times  2
- 4 times  10
- None 2
Place of delivery  Person 17
- Home  8
- Health center 9
What did you feed your baby up to 6 months Person 17
- Only breast feeding  9
- Cow milk and breast 4
- Lacto gene/powder and breast 3
- Others and breast 1
Condition of baby  Person 17
- Weak  0
- Normal  17
- Other problem  0
Women health problem  Person 12
- Uterus prolapsed  3
- Irregular means  9
Use of family planning  Household 34

- condom

- Pills  5
- Dipo provera  8
- Iucd 1
- Coper T 0
- Not 17
Sources of recreation  Household 34
- Radio  7
- TV 20
- Community  7
- Available of kitchen garden  Household 34
- Yes  27
- No  7
What are the 5 most common health problem complaints over the 5 years ?  0
- Tonsilytis 3
- Dirohoea 4
- APD 7
- Typhoid  7
- Common cold 16
- Hyper tention 5
- Dental 1
- Joint Pain 3
- Backache 2
- Headche 9
- Aches muscular 1
- TB 6
- Have this been treated ?  Household 34
- Yes  28
- No 6
Regular health problem  0
- Dirrhoea 1
- Diebeties 1
- Common cold  1
- Measels 1
- HTN 1
- TB 1
- Adbomin pain 2


Kushudebu Public Health Mission Nepal

Preliminary Household Survey Report

Beni-5, Solukhumbu

Description Unit Total
Castwise House hold    
- Sherpa Nos 41
Population Structure By Cast Person 156
- Sherpa   156
Population Structure By sex Person 156
- Male¬†   80
- Female   76
Population Structur By Age Person 156
- Upto 2 Years   2
- 3-15 years   41
- 16-59 Years   87
- Above 60   26
Vaccination Family 156
- Yes   18
- No   0
- Not to take   138
Toillet Family 41
- Yes   38
- No   3
- Tarditional Household 26
- Modern Household 12
Building Household 41
- 1 Room   1
- 2 Rooms   15
- 2-4 Rooms   14
- Above 4 rooms   11
Floor type Household 41
- Wood Planked   37
- Cemented   3
- Earthen Household 1
Roof Structure   41
- Zink Oxide   20
- Wood   21
- Other Household 0
No of Windows   41
- 1-2 Windowss   3
- 3-4 Windowss   10
- 4-6 nos   8
- Above 6 Nos Household 20
No of Doors   41
- 1- 2 Nos   20
- 2-4¬† nos   12
- Above 4  Nos Household 9
Type of Stove   41
- Modern   2
- Traditional   39
- With Chimney   13
- Non Chimney   28
Distance of Shade Household 41
- Near 5 mtr   23
- Near 10 mtr   9
- Far from 10 mtr   9
Family Death History Last 5 years Household 8
- Reason   TB, HTN, Delivery
Disposal Wastages   41
- Dumping Site Household 27
- Stream   5
- Other   9
Hand washing  Household 0
- With soap   41
- Without soap   0
Apply all Condition Household 41
- Yes   35
- No   6
Brushing teeth Household 41
- Yes   39
- No   2
- Once a day   26
- Twice a day   13
Drinking water source Household 41
- Tap   41
- Stream   0
- Other   0
Boil Water Household 41
- Yes   27
- No   14
Primary Check habbit when Sickness Person 41
- Traditional   1
- Hospital   33
- Both   7
Habit of taking medicine Person 41
- Prescribed¬†   38
- Non prescribed¬†   3
- Both   0
Habit of Drinking  alchohol  Person 41
- Yes¬†   29
- No¬†   12
- one cup¬†   0
- two cup   3
- more than two   26
Habit of smoking  Person 41
- Yes¬†   0
- No¬†   40
- Tobaco Chewing   1
If yes how much per day ?¬†   0
- one piece¬†   0
- two piece¬†   0
- three piece¬†   0
- more than three piece¬†   0
How much cup sherpa tea drink in per day ,per person ? Person 41
- 1 cup¬†   1
- 2 cup¬†   0
- more than two cup   40
How many pregnancies in household? Household 41
- last one year   5
- last 5 year   6
- None   30
How many have you been for ANC check up during pregnant  Person 11
- 1 time   0
- 2 times¬†   1
- 3 times¬†   3
- 4 times¬†   4
- none   3
Place of delivery  Person 11
- Home¬†   9
- Health center   2
What did you feed your baby up to 6 months Person 11
- Only breast feeding¬†   5
- Cow milk With Breast   0
- Lacto gene/powder With Breast   3
- others¬† With Breast   3
Condition of baby  Person 11
- Weak¬†   0
- Normal¬†   11
- Other problem¬†   0
Women health problem  Person 2
- Uterus prolapsed¬†   0
- Irregular means¬†   1
- Menopause   1
Use of family planning  Person 41
- Condom   0
- Pills¬†   1
- Dipo provera¬†   7
- IUCD   1
- Coper T   0
- Not use   31
- Permanennt   1
Sources of recreation  Household 41
- Radio¬†   24
- TV   11
community¬†   6
- Available of kitchen garden  Household 41
- Yes¬†   38
- No¬†   3

What are the 5 most common health problem complaints over the 5 years ? 

Person 92
- Dental Carries, burning vission   2
- Dirohoea   1
- Lever operation   1
- APD   5
- Common cold   6
- Catract   1
- Hyper tention   5
- Arthrities¬†   6
- Synocitis   1
- Backache   3
- Headche   8
- Aches muscular   2
- Jundice   1
- Diabeties   1
- Piles   1
- joint pain   1
- TB   1
- Sightness   5
Have this been treated ?  Household 41
- yes¬†   25
- no   16
Regular health problem¬†   0
- Dirrhoea   0
- Diebeties   0
- Common cold¬†   0
- Measels   0
- HTN   2
- TB   0
- Adbomin pain   2
- Dental Carries   0
- Fracture   1
- Jundice   1
-Epitasix   0
- ENT   1


During Free Dental Camp

With the support of Dr. John Nivin of Australia, Kushudebu Public Health Mission Nepal had organized the 10 days free dental camp from 6th may to 15th may 2014 at Beni Community Health Service Center to serve the locals of rural Himalayan region of Beni-5, Solukhumbu district. The camp served 277 patients with different oral problems out of which 103 patients extracted their tooth, 153 patients filled their tooth and 21 patients were benefitted with scaling. At camp the 55 students studying at class 8, 9 and 10 were also benefitted with dental checkup and also provided lecture on Oral Health Education.

During Free Dental Camp

During Free Dental Camp

During the camp, Dr. John Nivin was been assisted by the newly appointed staff nurse Oshine Lama and Helen from KPHMN. The help and support that we got directly or indirectly from the locals, staffs of Medical Center and Junbeshi School were inevitable during the camp. We would like to thank those People and organizations who were involved in this free dental camp, which aims to serve the locals from remote area, for their valuable time to complete the camp successfully and enthusiastic. And we would always welcome their valuable suggestion and help.

During Free Dental Camp

Ang with Mr. Geoff and family

Two Incinerators at Thuprengchooling of Solukhumbu, were inaugurated in local traditional worship from Lama Monks in presence of the Mr. Geoff and his family. The incinerators were constructed as a remembrance of their family by Mr. Geoff, Ms. Margo and Ms. Sue Hervey from Kangaroo Island, Australia. The Incinerator will help to keep clean the surrounding of the Monastery as well as help to protect from environmental hazard. We, Head Nun, Lama Gurus, all the Monastery family and local people would like to thank Mr. Geoff and his family for their help and support. We really appreciate their contribution in preserving the environment of the Monastery.

With the financial support from Wilderness School, Adelaide, Australia a three day health camp was organized by Kushudebu Public Heapth Mission Nepal, from April 2nd 2014 to April 4th 2014. The camp had served total 315 patient of different diseases including, Dental complains, Orthopedic complains, Female Health complains, child health complains and general health complains. The camp was run by well-known doctors from Nepal, Dr. Ganesh Rai, Dr. Ishwor Pradhan and Dr. Sheela Barma as well as 15 other team member from Australia.

During the camp, few patients were also referred to hospital of Kathmandu for their further treatment. Among them one local had been successfully treated at Kathmandu with the help of Dr. Sally Nobbs (Wilderness School) and Dr. Ishwor Pradhan (B&B Hospital).

We Kushudebu Public Health Mission Nepal as well as local people are grateful for their help, support and services, and would like to thank all the participates and other resources that directly and indirectly have contributed to make this camp a big success. We are looking forward to get more other chance of organizing similar camp as well as other possible helps in future.

Flow of patient in the camp are as follows,

Gender wise

  • Male : 174
  • Female : 141
  • Total Patients¬†: 315

Complain wise

  • Dental : 60
  • Orthopedic : 48
  • Gyane¬†: 35
  • Child : 107
  • General : 65
  • Total Patients¬†: 315

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