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A request letter has been received by Chairman of Kushudebu Mr. Ang Tshering,by villagers around Necha and Kangel of Solu Khumbu, requesting to establish Medical Center in this village. Addressing the letter they have organized a meeting regarding health issues, problems in the village. During the meeting we came to know that, due to lack of medical center, the population 30,000 people from different cast and religion of these villages have to depend on the district hospital Phaplu for any kind of health treatment. Kushudebu Public Health Mission Nepal has realized the need of a well-equipped medical center in this community . Likewise the local villagers also have shown commitment of providing necessary cooperation and supporting including arrangement for the land for medical center.

The request letter is attached with the news below. KPHMN is looking forward for the helping hands to establish a medical center in that region. The interested parties are requested to contact Kushudebu Public Health Mission Nepal for more details. Thank you and we hope that Kushudebu will able to run the medical center in this area.

Request Letter

21 students of Global Health Awareness Western Sydney (GHAWS) have successfully completed their visit to Beni Community Health Center operated by Kushudebu Public Health Mission Nepal (KPHMN) from 4th December 2013 to 9th December 2013.

Group Picture

In the beginning of the visit, on the honor of the guest, a welcome program was organized by KPHMN in presence of local people, local committee, students and teacher from local school . During the program the guest were welcomed in local tradition offering “Khada” and presenting different local folk dance and music. In the program, on the behalf of the guest, team leaders of GHAWS Mr. Aaron and Mr. Dani addressed the program with their speech and also handover Lab Culture Testing Equipment to the Medical Center.

Ang speaking at Welcome Ceremony

During the visit, to promote the health of the local villager, the team from GHAWS had also conducted health classes in the local school. Likewise, they also helped KPHMN to organize a Health Camp at Thuptengcholing where 80 local monks and nuns got treatment to their health problems.

Handover of the Lab Culture Equipment by GHAWS

The team also visited Serlo Monastery situated at Junbesi. They also have organized interaction program with the Chief District Public Health officer where they had discussed on different health related issues.

Health Camp at Thuptengcholing Monastery

In the last day of the visit, the local committee had organized a farewell program on the honor of the guest. During this program the guest were severed with local food. The guest enjoyed the local cuisine with local culture and dance. The program was covered in a show “Himal Beses” telecast-ed on 21st December 2013 at 4:30 pm (local time) in Avenues Television.

Health Education at Junbesi School

We (KPHMN) would like to thank all the participants from GHAWS, for the help, support and interest in working for the people of rural Himalayan region of Nepal. We are looking forward for continuous help and support in future. Likewise we would also like to thank all those peoples who have help directly or indirectly to make this program successful, including local people, local schools, local authorities, Kushudebu staff, local committee and local monastery.

Project Work

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21 students of Global Health Awareness Western Sydney (GHAWS) have planned to visit Kushudebu Public Health Mission Nepal this December.

During the visit, in coordination with the staffs of Kushudebu, the student will conduct Health Education Campaign as well as also organize Health Camp in different location of Junbeshi. They will also organize an interactive talk program with the local villager regarding their health problems and safety and prescriptive measures to be taken. Likewise they will also contribute two days of human effort in tiling the Lab Room of the Health Post. They are also going to donate different equipment used for Blood Culture Testing Procedure to the Medical Center.

We, KPHMN family, would like to thank for their cooperation, help and effort to uplift the rural Medical Center and rural local villagers. We believe our relation will be more graceful in future and we look forward to get continuous help and support from GHAWS. We wish for the success of their first visit to Nepal.

Ang Tshering Sherpa,
President KPHMN

(* the details of the visit with photo will be published in the site later)

Please visit this link for the detail information of the trip published in the web site of Global Health Awareness Western Sydney (GHAWS)

Ms. Niru Rai has joined Medical Center after completing 3 years course of Lab Technician with the scholarship awarded by Kushudebu Public Health Mission Nepal. The scholarship is sponsored by Ms. Angela Histead from Australia.

We KPHMN would like to thank Ms. Angela Histead for her help and support to promote the rural students and creating opportunities to get higher education.

The certificates earned by Ms. Niru Rai during her 3 years course of Lab Technician are as follows,


Academic Transcript

Nepal Health Processional Council Registration Certificate

Kushudebu Public Health Mission Nepal had visited its working area Solukhumbu. The team had started its visit from 2nd of September 2013, via Jiri to Solukhumbu

On The way to Solukhubu

During the visit team had organized a meeting on different agendas including organizational and administrational activities of Kushudebu, selection of new local committee, issues of employee acts as well as pointing out the working area of employees. During the meeting the locals also had requested to organize a vaccination program to prevent the local peoples from the currently appeared diseases like Jaundice, Typhoid and Hepatitis. The meeting is attended by about 30 participants.

During meeting with locals

During meeting with locals

Local committee and staff during the meeting

During the meeting

After completing the visit the team returned back to Kathmandu. Kushudebu public health mission would like to thank Mr. Chatra Khadka, District Co-ordinator of Solukhumbu and Mr. Ramtel from District Health Office Solukhumbu who helped us a lot during the meeting and also thanks to all the locals and KPHMN medical center staff who made the meeting successfully.

Group discussion

Group work during meeting

Group work during meeting

Group work during meeting

Kushudebu general assembly committee group photo

The seventh Annual General Meeting of Kushudebu Public Health Mission Nepal had been held on August 7, 2013. All general members, working committee member and other well-wishers as well as respected guests have participated in the meeting.

Speech from Mr. Ang Tshering Sherpa, president of kushudebu

The meeting is addressed by Mr. Ang Tshering Sherpa, President of Kusudebu Public Health Mission Nepal with his speech. Annual Progress Report is presented by Account and Administrative Officer, Mr. Ram Kishor Chowdhary. Likewise the annual financial report of 2069-2070 is also presented in the meeting by Auditor, Mr. Rana Bahadur Bista. The meeting also approved the nomination of Miss Osheen Lama as new Vice President and Miss Uma Khakurel as the Advisor of the organization. During the meeting other programs and activities of the organization are also proposed and discussed.

Kushudebu general assembly participants

By taking the oath of making the organization more active and more effective in the field of Medical as well as social sector of rural areas, we have concluded the meeting successfully. We hope Kushudebu Public Health Mission Nepal will be always in the way of helping the rural area people and community.

Rana Bahadur Bista, auditor of kushudebu, presenting annual financial report at the general assembly

Speech from Miss Osheen Lama, newly nominated Vice President of Kushudebu

We are proud to announce that Kushudebu Health Mission Nepal is staring new service of Birthing Center in the medical center. The District Health Office has just approved the license of this service to KPHMN.

We would also like to inform that The Government Nepal will provide NRS 1,500 to all the patients who have utilized this Birthing Center facility in the medical center. We believe that the new service as well as the reward on using the service will be a great help to the local villagers and it will also help to control the maternal death as well as improve maternal health in local area.

We would like to thank Government of Nepal as well as Mr. Kedar Raj Parajuli for their help and support to start this new service in the Medical Center.

Kushudebu Public Health Mission Nepal has inaugurated its new office at Paknajol of Kathmandu. The official opening of the office is done by Lama Guru with their traditional rituals. Now on wise all the programs of KPHMN will be planned, operated and monitored by this office.

We would like to thank all the individuals and organization who helped KPHMN in whatever mean to achieve current state and would also believe to get continuous help in future so that KPHMN can work in more productive and effectively way. We are always seeking your help, suggestion and new and innovative thinking so that KPHMN can server even better way and continue their health work in future.

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Group Photo at Junbesi

Kusudebu Public Health Mission Nepal had organized free health camp from 9th April 2013 to 12th April 2013 in which 12 specialist from Australia, 7 Nurses from Kathmandu and 7 staff from Beni Community Health Services did participated and served 760 Patients freely.  Camp had been organized by Beni Community Health Services at Junbesi through Kushudebu Public Health Mission Nepal.

Doctors at Medical Council for interview

The guests from Australia Wilderness School and Community had departured on 8th April 2013 in Kagel Airport. The guests were welcomed by District Coordinator of Kushudebu Public Health Mission Nepal by offering “Khada” and “Dubo Mala”. On 9th April 2013 the free camp been inaugurated in a formal program. Mr. Ang Tshering Sherpa the chairman of Kushudebu Public Health Mission Nepal was the chairperson for the Inauguration program. Likewise Honorable guest Mr. Tulku Rimpochhe from Serlo monastery, Special Guest Dr. Sally Nobbs from Wilderness School and Community had also participated the program. On the speech of inauguration program Dr. Nobbs said that this camp will facilitate the community who are backward in terms of economy, society and geography and also did heartily thanked Kushudebu Public Health Mission Nepal for all their social work. On the program the local Sherpa's and local community of Beni Community Health Service Center presented their local dance, Shaibru dance and many different traditional programs.

during Welcome Ceremony

In other to facilitate the patients registration was done through coupon system. Patients have to sit in line to get the coupon for registration.

During Health Camp

Specialist diagnosis the patient related with Joint paints, Dental, Pediatric, Uterus disease in the camp. List of Patients treated in the camps is as follows.

  1. Dental : 70
  2. Pediatric : 61
  3. Joint paint : 95
  4. Stomach and general problem : 160
  5. Heart : 2
  6. Cancer : 1
  7. Backbone & Nee : 50

During Health Camp

The press conference has been organized on 10th April 2013 where all the past and future information and Programs was published. The program was participated by district representatives different medial houses including Mr. Narayan Kumar Shrestha from Avenues Television, Mr.Buddhi Bir Rai from Nepal Television, Mr. Jokeraj Rai From Solu F.M and Mr Bikram Shrestha from Himal F.M. Chairman Mr. Sherpa informed that this year 3000 patients get service from Beni Community Health Service, 3 intelligent students got scholarship in field of staff nurse, Radiography and Lab technician. Reporters suggested applying these types of camp in more remote areas having high density of population.

Local Fence work at medical center

The voluntaries from Australia had painted walls of medical center which has been plastered before their arrival. Likewise windows and doors were also painted with enamel paint. About 10 meters of staff quarter was also protected by building a compound wall around it.

Group member painting grills

Closing ceremony was organized at Community Health Center on 12th April 2013. The program was hosted by Chief of Local Coomunity, Mr Chungba Tshering Lama, chaired by Chairman of Kushudebu Public Health Mission Nepal Mr. Ang Tshering Sherpa and participated by Chief Guest Honorable District Health officer Mr. Kedar Raj Parajuli; Special guests Mr. Tulku Rimpoche from Sorlo Monastery Beni, Dr. Sally Nobbs from Wilderness School; and other respected guests Chairperson of Nepal Federation of Journalist, Solukhumbu, Mr. Naran Kumar Shresth;, Coordinator of Free Health Camp Ms. Hillary Raygon. The Chief Guest Mr. Parajuli appreciated the effort of Kushudebu Public Health Mission Nepal and said that it is really doing a great work. The Special guest Dr. Nobbs also expressed his willingness to work for the people form rural community who are helpless, backward and unable to fulfill their primary needs. He also thanked for honoring him and said that the relation of Wilderness School and Kushudebu Public Health Mission Nepal will always be smooth and friendly. In the program he also honored Mr. Sherpa, chairman of   Kushudebu Public Health Mission Nepal with the token of love. Likewise on this ceremony Wilderness school and Dr. Sally Nobbs were also honored with token of love “Tamra Patra” , appreciating their service to the remote areas. Likewise all the participants doctors, nurses form Kathmandu, and volunteers were also honored.

Group at Beni just below the Milky Lake

View of Numbut and Karya Lung from the camp

After completing the camp the group of 10 participants had visited “Gokyo Lake” while other 24 participants had visited “Numbur Region”.

Tent condition in the next morning after heavy wind and thunder

Group at Thupteting Choling Monestety Welcoming by Head Nun

Details Health Camp and Trek Report can be downloaded from link below

- Health Camp Report

- Trek Report

One of the scholarship owners of Kushudebu Public HealtheMission Nepal, Ms. Kamala Devi Bastola has completed her course of Proficiency Certificate in Nursing successfully on 2012. Now she has been appointed as the Nurse in the Health Camp from April 1st 2013. We, Kushudebu Public Health Mission Family would like to congrats for her achievements and also like to welcome her as a new member of our organization.

Certificate of Proficiency Certificate in Nursing

Certificate of Nepal Nursing Council Registration

Dee Loader Alfred Hospital of Melbourne Australia provided different medicines and other equipment as a help to KPHMN. The medicine and equipment will be used in upcoming health camps. We believe that these medicine and equipment will be very helpful to provide health services in the health post. We, KPHMN family, would like to thank Dee Loader Oliver and Dee Loader Alfred Hospital for their help and believe to have continuous support and suggestion in future.

Kushudebu Public Health Mission Nepal in collaboration with Wilderness School, Adelaide, Australia is going to organize a Free Health Camp at Beni Health Center in rural area of Solukhumbu. The camp will be of four days from 9th April 2013 to 12th April 2013 (27th to 30th of Chaitra 2069) and additional Dental Camp will be conducted for a week. The Camp is being organized with initiation of Principal Mrs. Jan Davers and Teachers Dr. Sally Nobbs and Hillery Region of Wilderness School, Australia.

Principal Mrs. Jan Davers and Dr. Sally Nobbs at Junbesi

A team of 42 member including 12 Doctors are coming from Australia to contribute in the camp. The doctors will diagnosis as well as refer treatment in the camp. The other participants will contribute in the construction of the Medical Center including plastering and painting the outer wall of old building, installing the grills in the windows and building boundary wall in front of the staff quarter.

After completion of four days Free Camp, the team have planned to visit different Himalayan regions and Gokyo Lake.

We would like to request all the villagers of Soulkhumbu as well as other neighboring villages to visit the camp and get checkup as well as cure for their health problems.

Documents from Government of Nepal

Documents from Government of Nepal

The detail report of the camp with photo will be published in this site as well as other media later.

Kushudebu Public Health Mission Nepal in collaboration with Newington College Sydney, Australia had successfully completed three days project from 2nd January to 4th January 2013. The program was attend by total 19 participant including 16 students and 3 teacher on the behalf World Expeditions Australia. During the project, the participants have painted the outer wall of Medical Center with Lime dust paint. Likewise the doors and windows were also painted with Enamel paint and the windows of the Staff Quarter are grilled with iron grills. After completing the project the participants also had trekked to Tengbuche successfully.

Before, the participants were welcomed in cultural welcome program organized with the help of local villagers, Lama Guru, committee members and office staffs. During the program the participants were presented with the love of token by Lama Guru and President Kushudebu Mr. Ang Tshering Sherpa. The participants also had accepted the love of token of the Newington College on the behalf of the college.

Kushudebu would like to thank all the participants including students and teacher as well as Newington College and World Expedition Australia, for the help in development of Medical Center situated at the rural area of Nepal. We are looking forward for continuous help in future.

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The X-ray services which is being interrupted since last two month resumes again in Kushudebu Health Post. The x-ray machined was maintained by engineer Mr. Nabin Kumar Jha who came from Kathmandu. It took total two days to complete the job. Four parts of the machine is damaged which need to change with new one. As the Health Post is situated at rural area it take bit time to maintain the machine. We Kushudebu Public Health Mission Nepal are sorry for the interruption of the service in the Health Post and would like to inform all that now the X-ray service is resumed.

We would like to thank all the donors and engineer Mr. Nabin Kumar Jha as well as medical team of Health Post for their valuable help and contribution to resume X-ray service in Health Post.

The machine was damaged due to heavy thunder and lightning in the village two month ago.

There are no roads, no cars and certainly no council pick-up trucks in the Solu Khumbu region of Nepal. With the opening of Nepal's borders to tourism in the 1950s the Sherpa people that had made this region their home centuries before were suddenly faced with the problem of non-disposable waste. With no infrastructure available and a general lack of understanding of the environmental impacts of poor waste disposal, much of the waste ended up in the river systems of this once pristine mountain region.

Many of the people who are reading this e-newsletter have travelled to Nepal and been touched by the beauty of the mountains and the people, and vowed to return. And some of you have Nepal on your 'wish list'. Why not consider one of World Expeditions 'giving back' projects that offers a solution to the issue of waste disposal ... combined with a trek through the world's greatest mountain region?

Related Links

- Serlo Monastery Waste Management Project

- Junbesi Medical Centre Waste Management Project (coincides with 60th Anniversary celebrations)

X-ray Services at Edinagma Medical Center of Beni Solukhumbu is being interrupted for last two months. As the Medical center is situated at rural area and this is festival session in country, it is being difficult to manage time of engineers from Kathmandu for fixing the X-ray machine.

The machine caused damaged due to heavy thunder and lightning which also caused damage a Laptop that is completely unmaintainable. The thunder and lightning was so dangerous that it killed a local child as well as created fare in local villagers.

We, Kushudebu Public Health Mission Nepal family, are very sorry for the inconvenient situation arisen due to interruption of X-ray services in the Medical Center. We would like to inform you that we are arranging engineers at Kathmandu and most probably we will be continuing your X-ray services from first week of this December. As the service resumes we will inform it though radio and local FM.

Kushudebu Public Health Mission Nepal Family

Gregory, Pike and Kate three teachers from Newington College along with their 16 students are going to visit Kushudebu Medical Center in coming January. Ang had trekked Annapurna Region with them 2 years back. This year they have planned to visit Medical Center.

Ang with Teachers from Newington College Annapurna in 2011

During the trip they have plan to contribute their effort of 3 days working at Medical Center. They have planned a 3 day project of painting, plastering as well as building wall using line and cement. After completing the project they will trek to Tengbuche and then will fly back to Kathmandu from Lukla.

The trip is the part of the Service Learning Program of Newington College, in which students learn to become leader through serving other. Seven of the students are using this trip as their International Baccalaureate CAS Program.

Ang with Newington College Group at Annapurna in 2011

We would like to thank Newington College specially Mr. Gregory Pick for his effort to organize this trip. We are looking forward to welcome you all in the trip and hope that this trip will help to make our relationship better and closer.

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