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Participants of Eye Camp
During Eye Camp

Kushudebu Public Health Mission Nepal in collaboration with District Community Eye Center had organized one day Eye Health Camp at Medical Center on 22nd September 2012. The camp was successfully organized by providing services to total 68 patients including 48 male and 20 female. The camp provided treatment to different cases among them 62 general patients and 6 cataract patients were found. The cataract patients were referred to surgery camp which was organized later at district hospital, Phaplu, on 7th October 2012.

During Eye Camp
During Eye Camp

Participants of the 6th Annual General Meeting

6th Annual General Meeting of Kusudebu Public Health Mission Nepal was held at Universal Cafe, Maharajgunj in the chairmanship of Mr. Ang Tshering Sherp on 6th Bhadra 2069 (22nd August 2012).

Welcome speech by Kushudebu chirman Mr. Ang Tshering Sherpa
Mr. Pema Chewang Sherpa hosting AGM

The Annual General Meeting elected Mr. Ang Tshering Sherpa as its new chairman likewise Mr. Ang Ngima Sherpa as Vice Chairman, Mr. Pema Chewang Sherpa as General Secretary, Mr. Nawang Dorjen Sherpa as Treasurer and; Mr. Tshering Lama, Mr. Tshering Sherpa and Mr. Harka Bahadur Rai as Executive Member for upcoming two years.

Auditor of Kushudebu, Mr. Rana Bahadur Bista, presenting financial report of fiscal year 2068-69 and estimated budget for fiscal year 2069-70

The AGM also approved the annual progress report presented by Mr. Ang Tshering Sherpa and the annual audit report presented by Auditor Mr. Rana Bahadur Bista for fiscal year 2068-69 without any doubt. Likewise the Rules and Regulation for the organizations' staff and finance was also approved without any objection.

Administrator and Account Officer of Kushudebu, Mr. Ram Kishor Choudhari, presenting annual progress report of fiscal year 2068-69
Legal Advisor of Kushudebu, Mr. Ashis Upreti, writing minute of decisions made in AGM

Later, the newly elected committee had appointed Mr. Rana bahadur Bista and Mr. Ran Kishor Choudhari as Auditor and Administrator of KPHMN respectively for upcoming one year. And it also agreed to select Mr. Chungwa Tshering Lama, the Principal of June Besi High School, as the supervisor for construction of toilet and bathroom in June Besi High School.

Scholarship holder student of Lab Technician, Ms. Niru Rai sharing her education experiences
Scholarship holder student Ms. Nirmala Kafle sharing her progress and educational experiences

Early, the AGM was welcomed by Welcome speach from Mr. Ang Tshering Sherpa. Auditor Mr Rana Bahadur Bista also presented the estimated budget for fiscal year 2069-70. Mr. Ram Kishor Chwodari had presented the annual work progress as well as the draft of the report given by Inspection team of Social Welfare Council. During the AGM the scholarship holder students Ms. Nirmala Kafle and Ms. Niru Rai had shared their experience as well as their progress reports with the AGM. The meeting was hosted by Mr. Pema Chewang Sherpa.

Kushudebu Auditor Mr. Rana Bahadur Bista and Vice President Mr. Ang Ngima Sherpa in AGM

During Interaction Program

An interaction program was organized by Social Welfare Council of Nepal at its office on 23rd of August 2012. The meeting was focused in the report presented by the team of inspection from the Council, who had recently visited Kushudebu Public Health Mission Nepal and interacted with villagers and other stake holders.

During Interaction Program

During the meeting, the executive director of Social Welfare Council, Mr. Madan Prasad Rimal and coordinator, Mr. Pralhad Panta, had given different valuable comments and suggestion. They also shared the possibility of helping KPHMN in different social programs organized by it.

During Interaction Program

We, KPHMN family, would like to thank the Council and the team members of the inspection committee for their effort in evaluation of different social activities by KPHMN as well as for their priceless comments and suggestion. We appreciate your effort and suggestion, and will try out best to obey these instructions. We are looking forward for your continuous help and valuable suggestion in future.

Cunstruction work at site
Cunstruction work at site

With the help of Lecturer Dr. Beau Beza and his team from Melbourne University of Australia, Kushubudebu Public Health Mission Nepal has started construction of toiled and showers at girls hostel of Junbesi School. For the same project Dr. Beau Beza and his team is going to visit Jubesi School in end of this August. During this visit will participate in different programs as well as also participate in construction work with local carpenters and students.

Cunstruction work at site
Cunstruction work at site

We would like to thanks Dr. Beau Beza, his team, Melbourne University, local villagers and local carpenters for their valuable help and sugesstions. We really appreciate their contribution in this project and hope that the project will be completed successfully.

Cunstruction work at site
Cunstruction work at site

Kushudebu Public health Mission Nepal has completed construction of toilet at Staff Quarter. The construction work is carried out under supervision of Local Head Carpenter Mr. Kami Tshering Sherpa.

Cunstruction work at site
Cunstruction work at site

In collaboration with District Public Health Committee, Kushudebu Public Health Mission Nepal has successfully completed Free Health Camp at Thuptengcholing Monastery on 14th July 2012. Total 180 villagers including 18 male and 162 female has got treatment in the camp.

Letter From Kushudebu Public Health Mission Nepal
During Camp

We, Kushudebu Public Health Mission Nepal, would like to thank all including Government of Nepal District Public Health Committee, Medical team and management committee for their valuable help and support to make this Camp successful.

During Camp
During Camp

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Miss Tashi Sherpa working as a Nurse with Kushudebu Public Health Mission from last two years has completed the training course on "Skilled Birth Attendant (SBA)". The training was initiated by District Public Health Office, Government of Nepal for Kushudebu Public Health Mission Nepal. As per Miss Sherpa, the trainning was focused on different topics related to process and operation in the Birth Center. The training, organized by National Training Center, was conducted from May 6, 2012 to July 4, 2012.

We would like to thank District Public Health Office, Government of Nepal and National Training Center for providing us such an opportunity of participating in training and likewise also like to thank all the Trainers and Nurses for their effortless contribution to make the training successful.

Kushudebu Public Health Mission Nepal is now planning to build required infrastructure for stating Delivery Service in the Medical Center. We are very happy on announcing of starting Delivery Service in rural places like Junbesi and hope that the service will helpful for local villager as well as villagers from neighboring villages.

Certificate earned by Miss Tashi Sherpa

Ang Sherpa with Officers at Junbesi

Social Welfare Council had inspected Kushudebu Public Health Mission Nepal (as it has completed its five years of social service) from 14th June 2012 to 18th June 2012 as per the rules and regulation of Nepal Government. During the inspection the two posted officers from Social Welfare Council interact with committee of Medical center, local villagers and teachers of Junbeshi High School. After the program, officers also visited the Medical Center and inspected the services of the Medical center.

Government official talking with lab assistant, Surendra Kumar, about lab service
Locals welcoming Government officials and new doctor at Medical Center
Newly appointed Doctor with Government officials

After investigation of service in the Medical Center the officer had shared their views as follows,

Visiting Medical Store

The officers gave very positive feedback to the programs and activities organized by Kushudebu to facilitate medical services in such a rural areas of Nepal. They also appreciated the effort of Kushudebu in these programs. But on other hand they commented that Kushudebu needs to improve in their administrative sector and suggested to recruit the staffs for effective administration and management of accounts of the organization. They did also suggest calling tender for purchasing of goods and construction of any new infrastructures and also advice to maintain yearly social audit of the organization. As the working area of Kushudebu is Solukhumbu, they suggested to registers different activities and programs organized by Kushudebu, at District Development Committee of Solukhumbu which currently is being registered at District Development Committee of Kathmandu.

Visiting x-ray room
Government Officials at Kushudebu Medical Center
Government officials at Kushudebu Staff Quarter

Accepting the valuable suggestions from Social Welfare Council of Nepal, Kushudebu would like to make commitment of working more effectively in future and would also like to thank officers for their sight visit and valuable suggestions. Social Welfare Council of Nepal is going to publish detail report of inspection which will be uploaded to the website as soon as report will be received.

Government officers talking with local villagers regarding the services of Kushudebu Medical Center
Government officers talking with local villagers regarding the services of Kushudebu Medical Center

The officers from Social Welfare Council, who has been appointed for Investigation, are as follows,

  1. Shree Kishori Yadav - Team Leader
  2. Shree Sushil Choudhari - Team Member
Government officers talking with teachers of Junbesi School regarding the services of Kushudebu Medical Center
During departure to Kathmandu

The Principal along with three teachers and seventeen students of Wilderness School, who are helping Kushudebu Public Health Mission Nepal from last 6 years, visited the Medical Center located in Solukhumbu of Annapurna reason. Forty nine Nepalese did also participate in visit. The visit was organized by World Expeditions Australia. During visit the beautiful Himalayas, villages, hills, green jungles, lobodendrum flowers and different scenes and sceneries are captured in the camera. The destination was set to visit Khopra of Annapurna region but due to bad weather and heavy rain, the team was not able to meet the target although the visitors were enjoying.

While travelling we reached at the beautiful village named Swants. I found Principal Jane Danvers and teacher Dr. Sally Nobbs were worried for the village and want to help the villagers as the heavy rain, one night before, damaged the potato farm. They asked me whether they can help the villagers. They were of soft hearted and willingness to help the villagers so they insist me to help them too. We organized the meeting with the committee and handed 500 dollar to the committee as the help from Wilderness School. This event proved that the visit of Wilderness School is not only a visit but is also a Help Campion to Nepal. The committee heartily thanked the team and wished for success of their remaining trip. The tem from Wilderness School were also happy to help the villagers in such a condition.

When the team reached at the Bahadure School which is being helped by Wilderness School from many years, Locals and teachers welcomed them with musical program. The team stayed in Bahadure School for three days. During these days the team participated in different musical programs, games and also visited the village. Bahadure School is located in Annapurna region which was being helped in different sector by Wilderness School. The main goal of Wilderness School was to upgrade the women education level in village area. Helping in the sector of uplifting the literacy level of rural women, Wilderness school is helping to develop an educated society of rural women who can contribute a major role in the development of village as well as nation as a whole.

In the last day of the trip, we reached in Pokhara. From Pokhara we headed to Chitwan and them Kathmandu. Later we went to visit Kushudebu Medical Center located at Solukhumbu. As the Medical Center is being helped by Wilderness School from very beginning we fill our honour to welcome the Principal of the school in the Medical Center. The team was welcomed in the Buddhist Tradition at the Medical Center. Different musical program was organised in the honour of the team and Head Lama of Serlo Monastery presented different gifts to the member of Wilderness School on the behalf of kushudebu Medical Center. During the program Wilderness School committed to provide 5000 Australian Dollar per year to the Medical Center. Likewise they also presented Book of Wilderness in Nepal and five laptops to Junbesi School. At the end of the trip the student from Wilderness School had help to varnish the newly built Birthing Room at Medical Center. And during the visit it was also announced that next year at the same time Wilderness School is going to organize a health camp at the Medical Center. In this way thanking Wilderness School for their various kinds of help to Medical Center, we concluded the two day visit of Solukhumbu successfully with full enjoyment.

We believe that the visit of Wilderness School to Nepal is fully successful, the team enjoyed the visit. We remember this visit as one of our wonderful moment of our memories. The visit is concluded here with the promise to meet again next year. We believe that different moments of joy and tears are the beautiful moment of the journey and the member of the School takes it as their adventurous and unforgettable moments of the life and they will share these moments with their friends and relatives in Australia. At last we would like to wish for the comfortable journey back to Adeliade, Australia.

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Principal of Wilderness School Mrs. Jane Daver, Dr. Sally Nobbs and students of Wilderness School are visiting Kushudebu Medical Center from 21 of April to 24 of April. During the visit program, the students from Wilderness School are working as volunteer at the Medical Center. We, KPHMN family would like to thanks for all the support and help from Wilderness School and believes that this visit will help to strengthen the cooperation between KPHMN and Wilderness School.

Ang and Dr. Sally Nobbs

We, Kushudebu Public Health Mission Nepal and local peoples from Beni VDC would congrats Dr. Sally Nobbs for receiving the Award from Government of Australia for her effort towards providing Village Health Services. And like wise KPHMN would like to thank Government of Australia for recognizing the contribution of Dr. Sally Nobbs and honoring her with the Award.

Kushudebu Public Health Mission Nepal with valuable support from Australian Doctors Dr. John and Dr. Helen is going organize a Dental Health Camp at Medical Center from 17th of April 2012 to 18th April 2012. The necessary documents for the permission from the government is already been processed by Dr. John. Although the camp is just for two days, it can also be extended on the basis of the patient flow. We, Kushudebu Public Health Mission Nepal Family and local people of Junbesi would like to thank Dr. John and his family for their valuable help and support for this Health Camp.

After health camp Dr. John and his family have planned to visit different natural location of Junbesi and also planned to trek up to Tengbuche of Everest Region.

Medical Councial Registration of Australian Dr. John Niven Graham

Dr john and his wife at the medical center with committee and staff

With the support from Dr. John Niven Graham and his wife, Kushudebu Public Health Nepal had organized Dental Health Camp at Medical Center from 18th of April to 30th of April. Total 165 patients had got treatment in the camp. During the camp we also have made home visit for elder patients who are unable to come to Medical center. Dental Extraction, Filling, Cleaning etc. services are facilitated in the Camp. During the Camp not only the villagers from Solukhumbu but also from other neighboring Villages also got opportunity to get treatment for their Dental problems.

During Health Camp

We Kushudebu Public Health Mission Nepal family would like to thank especially Dr. John and his wife and other committee members and staffs, without their help and support we would not be able to organize such camp successfully. Likewise we would also like to appreciate the contribution from Dr. John Phillips from Plateau Dental Care, Dr. Stephen Shelton, Hennery Schein Halls Dental Company, Southern Dental Industries, Troplast Dental and Mr. Grame Booth. We believe that we will be having continuous support and help from you in future.

Stuffs from Dental Health Camp

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Wooden planks getting ready to deliver to Medical Center

Kushudebu public health mission Nepal initiated the construction of Delivery room. Woods from the local jungle has been brought to Medical Center for construction of Delivery Room and toilet. The construction work is expected to begin from April of next year. After completing the construction of Delivery Room, it is planned to arrange the Delivery Equipments for the Delivery Room. Next it is planned to provide Training on Delivery Procedure at Kathmandu for a female who later will be appointed as a staff at Medical Center. And then Medical Center will start its service of Child Delivery at the Medical Center.

Local carrying wooden planks from local forest to Medical Center

Local carrying wooden planks from local forest to Medical Center

We, Kushudebu Public Health Mission Nepal Family would like to thank all the Donors, local peoples, Governmental Organizations and District Health Office for their help and support and wish to have continuous help, suggestion and support.

Packing Wooden Planks at local forest

Wooden Planks being dried out before using in construction of Delivery Room

Delivery Room Construction 2012

Kushudebu have recently completed the construction of Delivery Room. And likewise training on Delivery Process is also organized where one Nurse and two women got opportunity to explore modern methodology and process of Delivery.

Delivery Room Construction 2012

We would like to thanks all those who have help in successfully completion of training and also expect same kind of help in future.

Delivery Room Construction 2012

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Committee Members

Recently a committee of nine local people has been developed by Kushudebu Public health Mission Nepal to manage the daily work of the health post. The committee is sub grouped into different groups of two, to manage different task including Medicine Management, Human Resource Management, Equipment and Tools Management. The committee also calls the monthly meeting at the end of each month to review the monthly work and progress and also plans the future work.

Kushudebu Public Heath Mission Nepal would like to greet the community for their success and also expect continues help from them.

Committee members during first meeting

With the help of members of “Friends of Jundesi”, Kushudebu Public Health Mission Nepal has completed tiling of two rooms for the Maternity Services. Likewise from Government of Nepal, Chief District Health Officer of Solu Khumbu Mr. Madhusudan Koirala has arranged training of Maternity Services for a Nurse of KPHMN. The service will facilitate, specially the local pregnant women, to get a quality services during their delivery period. So KPHMN believes to have full support and help in this project from the local villager as well as all interested donors.

KPHMN is looking for help to arrange the necessary equipments for the Maternity Services and newly constructing toilet next to Maternity Room.

For further information please contact Mr. Ang Tshering Sherpa, President Kushudebu Janaswastha Aviayan Nepal (kushudebu2005@yahoo.com) or please click here for details contact

The list of Equipments that KPHMN need for Delivery Room are as follows,

  1. Sponge holder
  2. Artery forceps
  3. Scissor
  4. Peri-towel
  5. Peri-pad
  6. Bowel
  7. Baby Wrapper
  8. Cotton swab
  9. Gauze Pieces
  10. Plain Catheter
  11. Kidney ray
  12. Catgut
  13. Cord Clamp
  14. Delivery Bed
  15. Cocoas Forceps
  16. Baby Wormer

Health Camp at Thuptengcholing Monastery

Health Camp at Thuptengcholing Monastery

Kushudebu Public Health Mission Nepal had just organized the Health Camp of two days at Thuptengcholing Monastery, located at the distance of about 1 hour from the Medical Center. The camp was specially focused for elder people who are unable to walk to Medical center for Treatment. Altogether 132 patients mostly of 40 to 70 years and up to 95 years had received treatment in the camp. During the Camp it was found that most of the patients were suffering of Arphalgia and Acute Peptic diseases. Arphalgia disease was the most common among them.

Health Camp at Thuptengcholing Monastery

Health Camp at Thuptengcholing Monastery

We would like to thank Head Nun Nawang Doma and Local Nun Nurses for their help and cooperation during the camp.

Health Camp at Thuptengcholing Monastery

Health Camp at Thuptengcholing Monastery

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