Kushudebu Public Health Mission Nepal Government Reg. No.: 334/063/064
Ambulance Service started at KPHMN Incinerator Project, 2020 Health Education and Door to Door Health Service Program Greetings from Chairman 13th Annual General Meeting of Kushudebu Public Health Mission Nepal Report on Dental Camp Norwegian KPHMN-partners visited Junbesi Friends from Norway Magnus visited KPHMN during the month of july 2019 Two WIN Director's Visited Kushudebu Health Center and Bahadure School News letter January 2020 SEW Nepal Junbesi Sanitary Project WIN Medical Camp held at Junbesi, October 2018 Dental Camp held at Junbesi, 3rd to 10th October 2018 The 12th Annual General Meeting of Kushudebu Public Health Mission Nepal was organized successfully. A Story of Mrs. Da Doma and her child Wildreness Nepal book order Form : Download World Expeditions Community Project 2010 Wilderness in NEPAL - Book Order Form Australia visit of Mr. Ang Tshering Sherpa, President of KPHMN
Founder Members & Staffs

Current General Committee Members

President : Mr. Chungba Lama

Mr. Chungba Tshering Lama
Vice President : Mr. Dawa Tenji Lama

Mr. Dawa Tenji Lama
General Secretary : Miss Osheen Lama

Miss Osheen Lama
Treasurer : Nawang Namkha Khempo

Mr. Kusan Sherpa (Khenpo Nawang Namkha Sherpa)
Member : Mr. Karma Sherpa

Mr. Karma Sherpa
Member : Mrs. Ang choti Lama

Mrs. Ang choti Lama
Member : Mrs. Mingmar Doma Sherpa

Mrs. Mingmar Doma Sherpa
Member : Mrs. Kanchhima Sherpa

Mrs. Kanchhima Sherpa
Member : Mr. Ang Babu Sherpa

Mr. Ang Babu Sherpa
Member : Mr. Chhoyan Lama

Mr. Chhoyan Lama
Member : Mr. Namjel Phurwa Sherpa

Mr. Namjel Phurwa Sherpa
Ordinary Member :
: Mr. Dome Lama
: Mr. Rinji Lama
: Ms. Nuri Sherpa
: Mr. Pasang Sherpa
: Mr. Mingmar Sherpa
: Mr. Gyalgen Lama
: Mr. Danuru Sherpa
: Mr. Mingmar Dorji Lama
: Mr. Chitra Bahadur B. Ka.
: Mr. Dirgha Bahadur B. Ka.
: Mr. Janmu Sherpa
  Ms. Minmar Lhamu Sherpa
Advisor : Ang Tshering Sherpa

Mr. Ang Tshering Sherpa
  : Mr. Dorje Janwu Lama

Mr. Dorje Janwu Lama

Medical Centre Local Management Committee members

Committee members with Kushudebu Medical Center staffs

Kushudebu Medical Center Team

Assistant Manager : Miss Niru Rai

Mrs. Bimala Rai Sherpa
Nurse\ Birthing center management : Miss Osheen Lama

Miss Osheen Lama
Lab assistant : Miss Niru Rai

Miss Niru Rai
Medical center assistant\ Staff quarter management : Miss Doma Sherpa

Staffs and Committee members during meeting

Medical center Staffs

Kushudebu Associates

Law Adviser : Mr. Ashis Upreti

Mr. Ashis Upreti
Administration\ Account officer : Mr. Ram Kishor Chowdari

Mr. Ram Kishor Chaudhary
Web Developer : Mr. Loojah Bajracharya

Mr. Loojah Bajracharya
Auditor : Mr. Rana Bahadur Bista

Mr. Rana Bahadur Bista
District Co-ordinator : Mr. Chhatra Bahadur Khadka

Mr. Chhatra Bahadur Khadka

Kushudebu News & Updates
Dental Camp held at Kushudebu Public Health Mission

Dr John Niven and Dr Trang Truong together with Australian and Nepalese assistants held a successful dental camp....