Kushudebu Public Health Mission Nepal Government Reg. No.: 334/063/064
SEW Nepal Junbesi Sanitary Project WIN Medical Camp held at Junbesi, October 2018 Dental Camp held at Junbesi, 3rd to 10th October 2018 The 12th Annual General Meeting of Kushudebu Public Health Mission Nepal was organized successfully. A Story of Mrs. Da Doma and her child Norway Junbesi Group visited Kushudebu Public Health Mission Nepal Report on Dental Camp held at KPHMN Health Centre, 19th October – 3 November 2017 A Report on free Health Camp Dental Camp organized with the support from Sushma Koirala Memorial Hospital A story by Furba sherpa Friends of Junbeshi, News letter January 2017 Report on Dental Camp held at Kushudebu Public Health Mission, Junbesi, Solukumbu 10th Annual General Meeting of Kushudebu Public Health Mission Nepal was completed successfully Global health awareness Western Sydney Programme Rebuild Program at Junbeshi Galvanized sheet distribution program for instant rehabilitation to the victims of earthquake 2015 Kushudebu staff field visit report after the Earthquake Ang field visit report (Phungmoche School) Field visit report on earthquake disaster in Kusudebu Visit of “Friends of Junubesi” to KPHMN on April 2011 Wildreness Nepal book order Form : Download World Expeditions Community Project 2010 Wilderness in NEPAL - Book Order Form Australia visit of Mr. Ang Tshering Sherpa, President of KPHMN
Health Post Patient Report List
S.No. Report For Date View Details
1Report Of Magh,Falghun and Chaitra 2074View Details
2Report Of Kartik, Mangsir and Poush 2074View Details
3Report Of Shrawam, Bhadra and Asoj 2074View Details
4Annual Report Fiscal year 2016/2017View Details
5Report Of Kartik, Mangsir, Poush 2073View Details
6Report Of Shrawam, Bhadra and Asoj 2073View Details
7Annual Report Fiscal year 2015/2016View Details
8Report From 16th Dec, 2015 to 13th March, 2016View Details
9Lab Report From 17th July to 15th December 2015View Details
10Report From 18th October to 15th December 2015View Details
11Report From 17 July 2015 to 16 November 2015View Details
12Annual Report Fiscal year 2014/2015View Details
13Report From November 2014 to February 2015View Details
14Annual Report 17 July 2014 to 16 November 2014View Details
15Annual Report 2013/2014View Details
16Report From 1 October 2013 to 31 December 2013View Details
17Report From 16 July 2013 to 30 September 2013View Details
18Report From 14 March 2013 to 30 April 2013View Details
19Report From 16 December 2012 to 13 March 2013View Details
20Report From 17th September 2012 to 15th December 2012View Details
21Report From 15th June 2012 to 15th September 2012View Details
22Report From 12th January 2012 to 31th July 2012View Details
23Report For Ashad, Shrawan and Bhadra 2067View Details
24Report For Falgun 2067View Details
25Report from 2067/8/20 to 2067/10/30View Details
26Report For Mangshir, 2067View Details
27Report For Kartik, 2067View Details
28Report For Ashwin, 2067View Details
29Report For Bhadra, 2067View Details
30Report For Shrawan, 2067View Details

Kushudebu News & Updates
Dental Camp held at Kushudebu Public Health Mission

Dr John Niven and Dr Trang Truong together with Australian and Nepalese assistants held a successful dental camp....