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World Expeditions Community Project 2009

The World Expeditions Community Project 2009 has been completed successfully.

First of all we would like to thank the Travel Doctor for their great contribution towards the Kushudebu local health community.

Kushudebu Public Health Mission, Nepal, (KPHMN) has recently upgraded the medical center by installing a water tank, leveling one side of the new house, paving in front of the OPD and dressing room, placing new tiles on the OPD and dressing room floor, installing windows, replacing the roof and painting the new windows on the new buildings. Most of the materials were brought from Kathmandu to Jiri by vehicle and then carried by porters for 4 days.

This work was successfully done by people who came to Nepal as members of the World Expeditions Community Project 2009. Travelers came from Australia and Canada.

With the inspiration of all the hard work done, suggestions and contributions received from these travelers, KPHMN has been encouraged to continue working on this community project in the remote area of Nepal.

All of the people of Solukhumbu Beni VDC, the management committee and staff at KPHMN would like to thank them once again for their great contributions. We really appreciate their efforts and kindness and do hope to get benefit from their support in the future. Their work has made many needed improvements to the centre.

A suggestion by some of the World Expedition Community Volunteer group was that a list of what is currently needed in the clinic (equipment & disposable items) should be listed by the KPHM staff and sent to the participants of World Expeditions Community Projects so those who are coming to do voluntary work may further help the clinic by bringing possible items on the list with them to the clinic. They also suggested linking the KPHMN website of medical centre to the World Expedition’s brochures and website.

Photo of Welcome Ceremony

Welcome to our distinguished guests

Locals from Beni-5 performing welcome dance

Monk dance at welcome ceremony

Monks from Thubten Choling Monastery welcoming the guests

Monk performing the Sanjee (power of god) dance at welcome ceremony

Welcome dance performed by local villagers
Photo of Roofing the buliding

Removing old roof timber sheeting and water tank installation work

Storing the old roof timber after removing the nails

Storing the old roof timber after removing the nails

Storing the old roof timber after removing the nails

Roof work

Roof work

Roof work

Roof work

Roof work

Roof work
Photo of Painting work

Making Window Shutter

House refurbishment work

House refurbishment work

House refurbishment work

House refurbishment work

Painting work
Photo of stone pavement

Laying of ceramic tiles in clinic

Stone pavement work

Stone pavement work

Stone pavement work

Stone pavement work

Completion of stone pavement work

Completed roofing work and new painted windows
Photo of Farewell Dinner

Mr Chungba Lama, headmaster of Junbesi school and KPHMN committee member, receiving a present from the Travel Doctor

Farewell Dinner on the last night

KPHMN is currently featured in the World Expeditions Community Project Travel program. In April 2009, two groups of travelers will spend three days working to improve facilities at KPHMN. These volunteers will also complete a trek from Lukla to Phaplu as part of their travel experience.

KPHMN, with the help of generous benefactor, Glenys Needham from Melbourne, Australia, has now purchased a building next door to the centre. By buying and then renovating this building, KPHMN will be able to more cheaply meet the much needed objectives of providing better services to the centre. KPHMN had planned to construct a new building in 2009 for this purpose. This is a better option as it will save money and also mean that improvements to the centre and its benefits to patients and staff will happen sooner.

So KPHMN’s next major objective is to refurbish the building next door to the centre so that it would provide accommodation for the doctor and nurse. Current staff rooms at the centre would then be used as a hospital ward for patients to stay if they need ongoing medical care. This would mean that 24 hour medical treatment was available seven days a week at the centre.

The work that would be done as part of the WE Community Project Travel program in 2009 would Floor in medical room,Roof of new house, Stone paving to kitchen area Water tank installation.

Floor in Consultation Room to be upgraded. Water Tank surrounded by stone support. New tank for House to be installed.
Roof to be re-sheeted. Stone paving (footpath) about 1m wide in front of awning.

A brief documentary of the work done by a community project travel group in 2008 can be seen on you tube. This can be found by searching using the word kushudebu or using the following link

We look forward to meeting and working with our World Expeditions Community Project visitors in April 2009.

The building KPHMN is buying next to the medical centre

Interior view

Exterior view of the house with the medical centre in the background

Front and rear views of the house

for more photo please visit the gallery section

Issues that need to be addressed

Small Jobs:

  • Glass in kitchen windows
  • Seal up main building loft
  • Tile the toilet (western) + Raise the floor + Re-seat toilet
  • Floor in main surgery
  • Outside walls to be plastered near awning and windows
  • Paint the walls
  • Stone pavement width of kitchen opening
Big Jobs – For New house:
  • Roof sheeting
  • New windows in roof for bedrooms
  • Plumbing for bathroom and kitchen (Septic tank outside)
  • Electricity install
  • Concrete
  • Build internal panel walls
  • Tile floor where necessary
  • Install internal doors
Big Jobs – Outside Work:
  • Excavate 2nd Terrace at back
  • Install open drains at top of both terraces
  • Install floor drain at base of lower retaining wall
  • Install septic tank
  • Buy new 500L Water tank
  • Install water tank
  • Install pipes for water supply to house
Big Jobs – Upper Floor:
  • Install stairs
  • Install internal walls
  • Line roof with ceiling timber
  • Install internal doors

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