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An Experience of a Teacher

The Kushudebu Public Health Mission gave us the opportunity to become involved with the community in and around Jumbesi, which is so different to the world in which we live in. We have immediate access to all forms of transport and health facilities in Australia which is so different to this area of Nepal. It gave us a greater appreciation of what we have in Australia and respect for the members of the Health Mission, like Ang Sherpa who are working to improve the life of the people of their community.

Following an introduction and welcome to the Medical Centre by the staff and local community groups we started our tasks; painting window sills inside the buildings, preparing outside surfaces for painting, painting, whitewashing and gardening. It was a bit of a novelty for the boys, as most have not done these types of activities before. Over two days’ great satisfaction and pride in what we had done was achieved. New skills were learnt, especially with the boys working on the stone walls for the garden beds. Under the guidance of Harrison, a fellow volunteer, they repaired some of the walls for the garden beds and built a path and steps behind the Medical Centre. Two other highlights were a visit to the local school where the boys experienced teaching and a trip to the Thubten Choling Monastery.

I wish to thank Ang, Mr Chunba Lama and the staff of KPHM for letting us visit and feel like a part of the community.‚Äč

Gregory Pike
Teacher - Mathematics Department,
Newington College
Sydney, Australia.

“Junbesi”, my first impression of rural Nepal

Junbesi was my first impression of rural Nepal, the first place we visited outside of Kathmandu.

Trekking into the valley, I couldn¬Ļt help but be amazed at what I saw.¬† There was a perfect photo

Opportunity around every bend, as we took the gentle track into the valley we stopped every couple of minutes for photos.

The vastness of the valley and the mountains dazzled me.  Junbesi seemed to me like a happy, peaceful hamlet, and walking through the village I realised how different life here was to Sydney, Australia.  There was the different architecture, and the Buddhist Stupa and paintings.  When we went into the medical centre, we were very warmly welcomed, so much that many of us almost felt we owed the centre.

Since, we haven¬Ļt done anything for the community yet.¬† We were treated as guests of honour, and we were determined to give back to the community something worthy of their welcome.¬† Over the next two days, we split into groups cleaning, gardening and painting.¬† During a tour of the medical centre, the village leader explained how people from the entire valley used the medical Centre.¬† I was impressed at how well the medical centre seemed to run, and I was glad that our donation would be put to good use.¬† We also visited the local secondary school at Junbesi, interacting with the students in English andtalking about health and hygiene.

Eventually we had a fun friendly volleyball match against the locals.  We all had fun and all in all it was a perspective-altering experience.  On the final day we were at Junbesi, we trekked for about an hour north to the local monastery.  We were told it was the largest monastery in the region, and that people all over the valley come to this monastery.  Knowing the cultural significance of this place, we were equally respectful and awed.  The head lama of the region had died three years previously, and the monks at the monastery were still venerating him.  We were given the rare opportunity to observe the monks in their ceremony.  It was amazing to see something I know I would otherwise never had seen in my life.

James Kwok
Student year 12
Newington College
Sydney, Australia.

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